It’s important to consider the accessibility of your event venue before you plan any activities.


Many people with disabilities are growing in number, and this is driving the need for accessible venues and activities. This can be done in several ways, including making marketing materials available in a variety of formats, removing obstacles, and installing accessible temporary structures.


When planning your next event, consider whether or not the venue has wheelchair access. While most buildings are ADA compliant, older buildings and outdoor settings may not be.


If you're hosting an event that includes off-site parking, check to see if the venue provides accessible routes to and from the parking lot.



This should include accessible sidewalks, streets, and parking facilities. You may have to make additional arrangements before the event to make sure you have accessible parking.


Having a checklist of items to consider before booking a venue is essential to ensuring the success of your event.

Information booths

Make sure that any information booths are located along an accessible route that connects all areas of the event. If possible, consider using bariatric chairs instead of conventional chairs. Similarly, make sure that front-line staff members are familiar with the building’s accessible features and have sensitivity to disabilities.


When organizing a conference, meeting, or a public event, check to see if your event venue is accessible to all attendees. This way, they can better serve attendees’ needs.


If the venue has wheelchair access, consider hiring a volunteer to help with accessibility issues. These volunteers can meet with speakers and attendees who may be unable to attend the event.


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event spaces

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contact point

In addition to being a contact point for attendees with disabilities, they can also help with communication. Oftentimes, communication with people with disabilities requires the use of telecommunication devices, such as TTYs, TTS, and TTRS. Providing alternative sources for information is another important consideration.

Event organizers should consider the attendee experience at every stage of event planning. The rise of technology has increased the importance of this factor. It allows attendees to make their own decisions about events and speakers, and engage with them online before they arrive.
The layout of an event venue can also be a key factor in brand experience. The layout can either complement or hinder the overall brand experience. A multi-level venue can provide a backdrop for discovery, while a single-level venue may be better for a shared experience.


An attractive online presence with relevant and high-quality information will encourage attendees to register and recommend exhibitors. The layout of an event venue can complement the overall brand experience, and can help guide the flow of the event.

Once you have an idea of the activities, amenities, and location of your event, you can then choose a venue that offers these features.